Next Century Technologies specializes in computer networking

We can design your entire network completely from scratch, starting with running cable in a new or existing facility, purchasing the right equipment to fit your budget, and ending with a fast, friendly installation. We also offer several support options to keep your new equipment running. Click here for our support options.

Wondering if virtualization technology is right for you? It may be! Virtualization technology solutions by VMWare and Hyper-V by Microsoft can fit most any budget and have a big impact on your company’s efficiency. Ask us how we can help you navigate these great IT solutions. Call us at (859) 245-0582 for a free consultation. We highly recommend Datto for protecting critical virtual environments! Already have a Datto working or otherwise? We are a Datto partner, and we can take over the management of the device and help you leverage all the great features it offers.

Already have a network? We can evaluate your current network and offer solutions to improve its speed and efficiency. In the computer hardware industry, equipment gets faster and cheaper as time progresses. If you haven’t evaluated your network in the last two years, you may be missing out on new technology that can improve your company’s efficiency. Call or contact us today for a free consultation! Our number is local in Lexington, (859) 245-0582.

Keep it secure! Nowadays the most common threat to a business network comes in the form of malware, ransomware and viruses that are prevalent in the internet and e-mail. Just having a firewall and anti-virus is not enough. Elements of good network security include:

  • Firewall (both hardware and software)
  • Up-to-date, full-featured anti-virus and anti-malware software
  • Web filtering to block phishing attempts and dubious websites
  • Spam filtering to not just block junk mail, but to strip out viruses and embedded links to viruses
  • Updates for all operating systems on all desktops, laptops and servers
  • Updates for popular web software that is vulnerable to hacking such as Flash and Java
  • Properly secured wi-fi network – Don’t let your guests surf your net!
  • Vulnerability scans to identify software and hardware on the network that have well-documented vulnerabilities
  • Log management and archiving
  • Encrypting e-mails
  • Encryption on laptops or other portable devices with sensitive data
  • A professional business continuity product such as Datto, to protect the most critical part of your business – its data

At Next Century Technologies, security is a priority! That’s why we help all our clients every day with security. We can help you too!

Call us at (859) 245-0582 or click here for a free technology consultation!

Protect your network! Datto’s business continuity products include ransomware detection. Read more here.